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The Problem

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Education & World

The majority of Christian children spend 14,000 hours in public schools that are steeped in secular humanism and taught ideas that are diametrically opposed to biblical truths.  

Less than 1% of Americans 18 - 23 possess a "biblical worldview" and believe the following:

  • That the Bible is completely inerrant.
  • That Satan is a real being, not symbolic.
  • That a person cannot earn their way into the kingdom of God through good works.
  • That Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth.
  • That God is the supreme Creator of the heavens and the earth and reigns over the whole universe today.




& Media

Children consume over 30 hours per week of TV and social media and are bombarded by lewd commercials, raunchy sitcoms, and inappropriate material.  

Almost 90% of teens have viewed pornography online and 79% of youths have experienced unwanted exposure to pornography right in their own homes.  

Sadly, the average child will watch over 200,000 acts of violence alone by the time he/she is 18 years old. 



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& Church

"The number one goal parents have for their children is that their children would get a good education. Only half as many parents considered their children's having a relationship with Jesus Christ as important as their child's education.

--Baucham, Voddie, Family Driven Faith

What are the chances an ENTIRE family will know Christ?

Clearly, the impact of a father heeding the Gospel call has great impact on the family.

Yet, the view among many Christian parents is that it is the church's job to disciple children, teach them the bible and spiritually form them.  Sadly, most parents have abandoned the responsibility of discipling their children and left it to the church.  




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